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A Crown of Talons: Book Review


Picking up the sequel to a book you adored can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. What if it lets you down? What if the characters don’t feel the same as they did in the first book? What if it just feels… off? Thankfully, though, I didn’t encounter any of these problems when reading A Crown of Talons.

Circe: Book Review


Have you ever read a book that is so powerful—and so beautiful—that it holds a special place in your memory? If you have, you’re one of the lucky ones. If you haven’t, perhaps you should read Circe.

The Good Hawk: Book Review


Some books are remarkable because of the stories they tell; other books are remarkable because of their characters. Joseph Elliott’s The Good Hawk is remarkable because it is something new—something that is both brave and unequivocally wonderful.

A Throne of Swans: Book Review


There’s nothing quite like opening up a new book and sensing that you’ve just dived headfirst into a fairytale, yet this is exactly the feeling you get from Katharine and Elizabeth Corr’s A Throne of Swans.